• torch on membrane
  • 3 Flood test_2
  • Dyed water is removed from the decks following a successful flood test
  • Expansion joints are set-out in the screed
  • Primer is applied to the screed prior to the latex membrane being applied
  • photo 5
  • Tiling

Merton Street, Sutherland

This residential strata complex was riddled with waterproofing defects when CJ Duncan began a five month and half million dollar upgrade on the building. Our project team removed approximately 300 sq. metres of defective waterproofing membrane and replaced this with a state-of-the-art monomeric PVC membrane. True to CJ Duncan's 'belts and braces' approach to waterproofing, the project team installed a secondary waterproofing membrane of liquid latex. This 'sandwich' waterproofing technique ensures that the tiling screed remains dry during wet weather, hosing etc. and avoids unsightly efflorescence running down the facade of the building. New brick parapets and expansion joints were installed to ensure this robust waterproofing solution would not fail in the years to come.

To finish the job, the newly waterproofed roof sections were flood tested for several days with the water in each roof section dyed a different colour. This 'colour coding' enabled the project team to track any leaks back to a particular location. Needless to say, the project team's rigorous approach ensured that the flood tests held tight and not a single drop of dyed water penetrated the newly sealed concrete roof deck.

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